Trainer - Mrs. Susan Beal

Students will be exposed to necessary skills and knowledge useful in any area in healthcare while enrolled in Georgia Piedmont Technical College. Careers in the Therapeutic Services pathway are focused primarily on changing the health status of the patient over time. Health professionals in this pathway work directly with patients; and may provide care, treatment, counseling and health education information. This pathway culminates with an opportunity for students to take the certified nursing assistant (CNA) end of pathway assessment from the GA Medical Care Foundation and potentially earn the certified nursing assistant (CNA) credential. (Students requesting this course must make the necessary scores on the ACCUPLACER test and be a rising junior or senior to enroll.)

Courses Offered:

  • Introduction to Healthcare Science
  • Essentials of Healthcare
  • Nursing Essentials
Nursing Program of Study
This Program of Study
  may serve as a graduation guide for the next four plus years, along with other career planning and educational materials. 

Career Opportunities:

  • RN
  • LPN
  • CNA
  • Home Health Aide