Audio, Video Technology and Film

Audio, Video Technology and Film 
Trainer - Ms. Verda Watson 

The Audio-Video Technology and Film pathway prepares the student for employment in the Audio-Video industry. Students may gather information and prepare broadcasts or be involved in the set up and operations of equipment used to record and transmit programs and/or motion pictures. Students may provide sound mixing and/or video editing services. The Audio-Video Technology and Film industry is growing rapidly in the state of Georgia.

Courses Offered:

  • Audio Video Tech and Film I
  • Audio Video Tech and Film II
  • Audio Video Tech and Film III

Audio, Video, Technology and Film Program of Study
This Program of Study  may serve as a graduation guide for the next four plus years, along with other career planning and educational materials. 

Career Opportunities:

• Video Systems Technicians
• Video Graphics, Special Effects, and Animation
• Audio-Video Designers and Engineers
• Technical Computer Support Technicians Film, Video, and DVD
• Audio-Video System Service Technicians
• Audio Systems Technicians
• Audio/Video Operations
• Control Room Technician
• Station Mangers and Radio & TV Announcers
• Publishers, Editors, and Journalists and Reporters, Print, Broadcast, Other Broadcast T