Engineering, Drafting and Design

Engineering, Drafting and Design 
Trainer - Mr. Ryan Allred 

NCCA Engineering, Drafting and Design Recruitment Video

In the study of Engineering Drafting and Design, students learn the math and drawing techniques needed to represent three-dimensional buildings and objects. Students are encouraged to have a solid background in mathematics, science, and technology. This pathway is enjoyed by students who have a mechanical nature. Employment opportunities continue to increase in engineering-related industries. There is an increasing need to explore new materials, manufacturing processes, and ways to protect the environment. This pathway culminates with an opportunity for students to take the American Design Drafter Association (ADDA) Certified Apprentice Mechanical; Certified Drafter Mechanical; Autodesk Certiport.

Courses Offered:

  • Intro to Engineering Draw and Design
  • Survey of Engineering Graph
  • 3D Model and Analysis

Engineering, Drafting and Design Program of Study
This Program of Study  may serve as a graduation guide for the next four plus years, along with other career planning and educational materials. 

Career  and Technical Student Organizations 
CTSOs are intracurricular organizations with leadership programs and competitive events helping students see the real-world value of their academic studies.

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Career Opportunities:

• Aerospace Engineer
• Aeronautical Engineer
• Agricultural Engineer
• Agricultural Technician
• Application Engineer
• Architectural Engineer
• Automotive Engineer
• Biomedical Engineer
• Biotechnology Engineer
• Chemical Engineer
• Civil Engineer
• Communications Engineer
• Computer Engineer
• Computer Hardware Engineer
• Computer Programmer
• Computer Science Technician
• Computer Software Engineer
• Construction Engineer
• Consultant
• Development Engineer
• Drafter
• Electrical Engineer
• Electrician
• Electronics Technician
• Energy Transmission Engineer
• Environmental Engineer
• Facilities Technician
• Fire Protection Engineer
• Geothermal Engineer
• Hazardous Waste Engineer
• Hazardous Waste Technician
• Human Factors Engineer
• Industrial Engineer
• Industrial Engineering Technician
• Licensing Engineer
• Manufacturing Engineer
• Manufacturing Technician
• Manufacturing Processes Engineer
• Marine Engineer
• Materials Engineer
• Materials Lab & Supply Technician
• Mechanical Engineer
• Metallurgic Engineer
• Mining Engineer
• Naval Engineer
• Network Technician
• Nuclear Engineer
• Ocean Engineer
• Operations Research Engineer
• Packaging Engineer
• Packaging Technician
• Petroleum Engineer
• Pharmaceutical Engineer
• Plastics Engineer
• Power Systems Engineer
• Product Design Engineer
• Project Engineer
• Project manager
• Prototype Engineer
• Quality Engineer
• Quality Technician
• Radio/TV Broadcast Technician
• Radiology Engineer
• Researcher
• Safety Engineer
• Software Engineer
• Sound Technician
• Structural Engineer
• Survey Technician
• Systems Design Engineer
• Technical Sales Manager
• Technical Writer
• Telecommunications Engineer
• Textile Engineer
• Transportation Engineer