Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sports and Entertainment Marketing 
Trainer - Ms. Joi Morgan

The products and services offered to consumers and the impact of marketing on these products and services are examined. Topics will include: business fundamentals, product mix, product knowledge, product/service management, business regulations, interpersonal skills, selling, marketing-information management, economics, distribution, pricing, publicity/public relations, sales promotion, business risks, and organization skills as it relates to the sports and entertainment industry. This pathway culminates with an opportunity for students to take the MBA Research “A*S*K Marketing Concepts” end of pathway assessment or the NOCTI

“Marketing Education Manager Trainee” end of pathway assessment. Students may earn a credentialing certificate.

Sports and Entertain Marketing Program of Study
This Program of Study may serve as a graduation guide for the next four plus years, along with other career planning and educational materials.

Career  and Technical Student Organizations 
CTSOs are intracurricular organizations with leadership programs and competitive events helping students see the real-world value of their academic studies.

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Courses Offered:

  • Marketing Principles
  • Intro to Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  • Advanced Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Career Opportunities:

• Entrepreneurs
• Small Business Owners
• Presidents
• Chief Executive Officers
• Proprietors
• Financial Manager
• Franchisees
• Independent X’s (e.g., distributor)
• Customer Service Representatives
• Management Analyst
• Administrative Support Representatives (e.g., human resources, clerical, finance, technical)
• Business to Business Salesperson