Criminal Justice

Law and Justice 
Trainer - Mrs. Jennifer Been

Students learn about corrections and protective services while enrolled in Georgia Piedmont Technical College. The pathway is designed to provide students with career-focused educational opportunities in various public safety fields. Each course has elements which cover tactics, methods, and skills utilized in law enforcement and other public safety organizations. (Students requesting this course must make the necessary scores on the ACCUPLACER test.)

Courses Offered:

  • Intro to Law and Justice
Criminal Justice/Corrections Program of Study
This Program of Study
  may serve as a graduation guide for the next four plus years, along with other career planning and educational materials. 

Career Opportunities:

•Accounting Forensics

•ATF Agent

•ATF Investigator

•ATF Technician/Professional

•Border Patrol Agent

•CIA Agent

•Coast Guard

•Compliance Officer

•Computer Forensics

•Counter Terrorism

•Crime Laboratory Analyst

•Crime Scene Investigator

•Customs Agent

•DEA Agent

•Diplomatic Security

•FBI Agent

•Federal Air Marshal

•Federal Protective Service

•Fish & Game Warden

•Forensic Engineer

•Forensic Odontologist

•Forensic Science

•Forensic Psychology

•Fraud Investigator

•Homeland Security

•Immigration Agent

•Information Security

•INS Agent

•IRS Special Agent

•K9 Officer

•NSA Police Officer

•Private Security

•Police Detective

•Police Officer

•Private Investigator

•Psychological Profiler

•Secret Service Agent


•Surveillance Officer

•TSA Screener

•U.S. Marshal


•Court Reporter

•Court Clerk

•Judges and Magistrates

•Law Firm (multiple jobs)


•Law Librarian

•Medical Examiner


•Corrections Officer

•Correctional Treatment Specialist

•Juvenile Probation Counselor

•Prison Warden

•Probation Officer

•Substance Abuse Counselor